Subj: Ten Shades of Green 
Date: 12/22/2004 10:32:02 AM Eastern Standard Time
Sent from the Internet

Hey Bobby,


Many thanks for sending us a copy of your new project-which I have been enjoying tremendously.  You've chosen some killer tunes (which you sing with the power and authority of one who knows his craft) as well as some of killer musicians (who provide just the perfect backdrop for each song).  I especially liked "Seven Spanish Angels," "Pepsi Man" (probably my favorite), "Corner of Walk & Don't Walk" (what a great song!) and "Yard Sale."  There's a lot of truth in these songs and you've certainly delivered the goods.


I hope you have a wonderful holiday season . . . and thanks again for the cool tunes!


Dave Higgs

Nashville Public Radio

Bluegrass Breakdown

8114 Millview Drive

Brentwood, TN  37027

615-736-5881 x227

Subj: Ten Shades of Green 
Date: 1/7/2005 11:25:53 AM Eastern Standard Time
Sent from the Internet (Details)

Dear Bobby,
        I have been broadcasting real country and bluegrass for over 48 years, but have never heard a better nor more timely album then your "Ten  Shades of Green". it's truely great! Keep it up!
                            Henry M. Fulcher
                            WFLO AM & FM
                            Farmville, Virginia 23901
50,000 watts FM
1,000 watts AM                        fax-434-392-1823

Subj: Air Play ! 
Date: 1/9/2005 2:37:27 PM Eastern Standard Time
Sent from the Internet (Details)

Hi Bobby,
This is to inform you, for your records, that we gave air play to some of your material on our show, "Nuttin' but Bluegrass", over WDBX 91.1 FM, on SAturday, January 08, 2005.
We played four songs from the "Sagegrass Music", Cut # 01, # 02, # 03, and # 04. This is really great music and we had many favorable comments called in from our listeners here in Southern Illinois.
We want to thank you for helping us to have good bluegrass music for our show, we love giving exposure to great material such as this.
Thanks again,
Bob & Betty Dunn
"Nuttin' but Bluegrass"
WDBX 91.1 FM
710 South Granger St.
Harrisburg, IL 62946-2525
(618) 252-0348
Robert Dunn

Subj: Your CD 
Date: 1/10/2005 11:27:09 PM Eastern Standard Time
From: PamGadd
To: BMackey

Dear Bobby,
I love your CD. I can't tell you how much I've enjoyed it riding along in my car. It's such a great country-bluegrass CD. I love how you did it and the musians are absolutely top notch. You picked great players, some of my favorites. I've meant to write sooner but have fallen behind with lots of deskwork, etc. Hope life is good your way. Your voice is still great, and I think you picked absolutely great songs. Thanks again for sending me the CD. All the best for a happy and great new year, and keep up the true country music. You're the real deal. Pam

Subj: Ten Shades of Green 
Date: 1/13/2005 1:41:14 PM Eastern Standard Time
From: BHDJ
To: BMackey

Hi Bobby,

Every once in a great while a musical release comes along that has everything. The right songs, a great singer and the right combination of top notch bluegrass pickers.
"Ten Shades of Green" is such a project. Every human emotion is covered in this release, something for everyone. This CD stays in my player, I recommend it highly.
Favorite cuts are "Ten Shades of Green" and "Thinking of Home," these bring back the memories of growing up in SW Virginia and home. Get your copy now, you'll be glad you did.

Keep It Coming,
Bill Hensley WAOL- 99.5 WNKU-89.7
Greater Cincinnati & Northern Kentucky

Subj: Air Play ! 
Date: 1/17/2005 12:18:36 PM Eastern Standard Time
Sent from the Internet (Details)

Hi Bobby,
Just wanted to give you an update on the songs we gave air play to, on our show last Saturday 15,2005, for your records.
We played three songs from, "Sagegrass-501114, Cuts # 02, # 08 and # 14, this one was sent out to "Susan", she love this one.  It is all great pickin', had many comments called in from our listeners.
Thanks for your help, we love giving exposure to this kind of material.
Thanks again,
Bob & Betty Dunn
"Nuttin' but Bluegrass"
WDBX 91.1 FM
710 South Granger St.
Harrisburg, IL 62946-2525

Subj: New CD Project! 
Date: 1/26/2005 12:52:51 PM Eastern Standard Time
Sent from the Internet (Details)

I am a volunteer host on KAXE-FM in Grand Rapids, Minnesota which has 100,000 watts and two translators covering Norhteaster Minnesota.  I been doing a show since 1976 titled "The Original Bluegrass Show" .  I heard several cuts of your Ten Shades of Green on Gary Henderson bluegrass show.
Is there some way I can get a copy of this for airplay for my program. 
Guaranteed that this CD will be played in the Northland..  We are an independent Public Broadcast Station and not affiliated with anyone else.
Thanks in Advance,
Denny Mager
Original Bluegrass Show
804 Sw 7th Avenue
Grand Rapids, Minnesota 55744

Subj: RE: General Questions 
Date: 1/31/2005 6:55:34 AM Eastern Standard Time
Sent from the Internet (Details)

Hey Bobby,

So nice to hear from you!

Yes sir-- your release is a keeper. I'm getting some listener
response from your "SEVEN SPANISH ANGELS" duet with Sonya Isaacs.

What a stellar line-up of pickers, Cleveland, Steffey, Rose, Hess,
and Rhonda, Darrin and Sonya.

Is there any other bio of you on the internet, not counting the liner
notes in your CD?

Any other tracks generating interest from other bluegrass hosts around
the world?  I don't want to overlook anything.  Any track you are
promoting over the others.

Continued success with your release, I am behind you 120%.

Best regards,


Gary Henderson, Host / Program Director
Broadcast Member of IBMA
1967: Bluegrass Unlimited magazine co-founder
1983: SPBGMA Bluegrass DJ of the Year
1998: IBMA Distinguished Achievement Award
1999: IBMA Broadcast Personality of the Year

BluegrassCountry.Org / WAMU
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Washington DC 20016-8082

[home studio address]
9107 Kingsbury Drive
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"Up Country" channel of the WorldSpace Satellite Radio Network, which has
a potential audience of 4 billion listeners in Europe, Africa and the Mid

Subj: Ten Shades of Green played on WAGS 
Date: 1/23/2005 7:41:08 PM Eastern Standard Time
Sent from the Internet (Details)

Received this from Jordan Records Jan 8,2005 and is it good.  Really like Corner of Walk and Don't Walk and With Tears In My Eyes. 
WAGS/WJDJ plays country, indie country, bluegrass/acoustic music live radio with real DJ's and no computer pick playlist, yep just as the notion strikes us.  This gets used on our Saturday afternoon bluegrass show but fits well during the week as well.
Thanks for sending the CD. There are a few dinosaurs doing real radio and actually telling the listener what the music is and who plays it..
That other guy on your website was pretty good too but I can't get back there without loosing this.  Real computer literate I am.
Jim Jenkins
Owner/Gen Mgr
WAGS Radio
142 Wags Drive
Bishopville,  SC    29010
(803)  484-5415

Subj: Bob Englar Bookings & Radio  
Date: 3/30/2005 4:37:20 PM Eastern Standard Time
Sent from the Internet (Details)

Dear Bobby:
Just received your cd and brother its out of this world, Bobby I'm sending  you flyers
of what I 'm doing at this end , notic back to back on the shows, I'm also associated
with radio station  6 of them , I want to make shore that the stations all get your
material, so this is why I;m sending every thing to you  you got a hit on your hands
these station all   will play your material , PLEASE put me on your maling list plus
the radio stations , Bobby , need a couple of 8X10 pictures also , keep up the good workand hope we get togeather, have a good day .
country wide producers
2466 wildon drive
york,Pa.  17403-5214      bob englar   mgr      717-741-2658

Subj: Re: Bobby Mackey CD 
Date: 4/7/2005 8:17:51 PM Eastern Daylight Time
From: SandyQ907
To: BMackey


I am SOOOO glad to hear from you. Cannot get your website to work for me, but have been dying to talk to you. Thanks to Bill for sending me an e-mail.

I really think your album is special. As I mentioned in the forwarded e-mail, "Seven Spanish Angels" was the song that elicited the most response from my listeners. Told Bill I would gladly put it in my top 10. Have been submitting "10 Shades..." I think it could chart too, so may keep submitting it also.

But I love the whole album. At your club, do you do a kind of Bakersfield sound? Or a mix of BG and country? My husband and I are Buck fans, so we appreciate that sound. My husband, John has been playing BG & country music for over 30 years, (guitar), and he thinks your cd is the best thing he has heard in ages!! Bobby, you are gaining fans out here. He plays it for anyone who will listen

Would really appreciate some extra copies for our plege drive. After the response to your cd, I know it will fly out of the studio.

Thanks again for getting back to me so soon. Best of luck with the charting. I will do my best to help you. Send copies to address below.


Sandy Quam
Co-orinator of Bluegrass, Old-time & Country Music
KSER 90.7 FM
24550 Dockton RD. SW
Vashon, WA. 98070

Subj: courrier 
Date: 4/5/2005 12:18:22 PM Eastern Daylight Time
Sent from the Internet (Details)


Dominique Lemarechal
6 Rue Per Jakez Helias
29860 Plabennec
Plabennec 05 April 2005
Dear Friend
Thanks for your letter with the Bobby Mackey's cd 'Ten shades of green' & info
Very good bluegrass songs, I like and his cd is in my 'Rockin Chair' programm.
The listeners love.
Songs hosted:
    Ten shades of green
    Seven spanish angels
    Ashes of love
    Boogie grass band
    Grass hoppin
And it's not finished
I do in my programm a game where the listeners win cds, I would like to do to win the cd, if you want.
I am interested by an autographed photo.
Thanks for all
Dominique Lemarechal

Date: 5/15/2005 2:03:03 PM Eastern Daylight Time
Sent from the Internet (Details)

I used to live in North Carolina. Lynwood Lunsford dated my sister when They were teens. I live in South Carolina now   near Greenville. We play bluegrass all the time around here and we listen to 88.7 Wncw. They gave you some good airplay Sat the 14th.Drop them a email and tell them you heard about the airplay. I'd like to come up there sometime to that area, maybe one day.The CD sounds real good...I especially like the ashes of love...real good.Sounds like the kind of music I was raised on.. Bluegrass with a country touch  like the Lost and Found band from Danville Va.
Well, good chattin with ya, like I said I enjoy your music, until later, Lloyd Cornelius

Subj: Re:WNCW Air-Play 
Date: 5/15/2005 8:20:45 PM Eastern Daylight Time
Sent from the Internet (Details)

Hello...we feature new disc in a spotlight type promo. 8 tracks if it is strong enough. We do from 11:00am till 7:00pm on Saturdays and 6:00am till 9:00am(all Gospel)on Sundays. So if there are Gospel tracks you might get 11 or 12 spins. It's a fine disc...made the phone ring with "Ashes"..."Pepsi Man" and "Hero Daddy""Ten Shades of Green" is a hit. Powerful. We will keep it in rotation on the BG shows and it will be in the air studio for the jocks to play through the week. You hear BG music all through dayparts here. I come to Cinnci once a year. I have a good friend over in Camp Washington at  QCA Mastering who does a fundraising CD for us. We have a State of the Art recording plant here,I do the BG show because I love the music,and we have National touring acts 6 to 8 times a week. everything from Rhonda Vincent,Del McCoury to Emmylou Harris,Indigo Girls to Hot Tuna and Steve Forbert,Jerry Douglas to Sam Bush. A little of every thing. Great disc....really fine work. Thanks for sending it our way. It'll be getting many spins here for a while to come.

Subj: Re: Thanks From Bobby Mackey 
Date: 7/7/2005 1:52:04 AM Eastern Daylight Time
From: BlgrssPrlr
To: BMackey

In a message dated 7/6/2005 11:26:28 A.M. Eastern Standard Time, BMackey writes:
I would like to say a sincere thank you to all of you who are playing and reporting "Seven Spanish Angels" from my "Ten Shades of Green" CD. 
Great song and even greater CD.  Not a bad cut on the entire project.
Tom Henderson
"There's a measure of people who don't understand
The pleasures of life in a Hillbilly Band."
The Bluegrass Parlor
4810 East Busch Blvd
Tampa, FL 33617
(813) 985-2780

Subj: Fw: Your "Ten Shades Of Green" project 
Date: 6/20/2005 6:30:49 PM Eastern Daylight Time
Sent from the Internet (Details)

----- Original Message -----
From: Hank Janney
Sent: Monday, June 20, 2005 6:44 PM
Subject: Your "Ten Shades Of Green" project

Hello Bobby!
Just a quick note to say that as a reporting DJ for Bluegrass Unlimited, I just received my advanced listing for the Top 30 for the July issue and was pleased to see that "Seven Spanish Angels" is debuting at #29.  I've playing the album on my shows and have gotten some interesting responses.  Most say that they are reminded of "old traditional singers", but they can't decide who!  I guess that's good, 'cause that means that you have a style all your own.
Anyway, thanks for sending me the "promo" copy, and congrats on making the chart.
Hank Janney  -  Great Country WGTY  107-7 FM

Subj: Added 
Date: 8/3/2005 8:54:48 PM Eastern Daylight Time
Sent from the Internet (Details)

Hey Bobby,

I just added Seven Spanish Angels to our New category starting tomorrow.  It'll play once or twice a day.  It's a great track!  I predict moving it into Hot rotation soon where it'll play 4 times a day.

Also sampled some of the other tracks... VERY tasty!  I'll try to work some of them into a slower rotation as well.  Thanks so much for sending it and I wish you mega success with it.